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 Survival kit, survival kit

 Survival kit, survival kit

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 Survival kit, survival kit


A rich set for a real surival hobbyist. Everything is packed in a practical case that holds all the attached accessories. The good set will be useful during travel and expeditions.



Set contains:


  1. Tactical pen – ended with a sharp skewer, which is used, among others for breaking windows.


  1. Compass with copper casing – it covers the lid, helps to move in the field, attach it as a pendant to make sure that you do not lose it.
  2. LED flashlight – with adjustable lens focus. You can light up places even several dozen meters away.


  1. Water bottle holder – attach the bottle to your backpack or belt loops.


  1. Screwdriver.


  1. Sawing rope – use it to cut down a tree for firewood or to build a structure.


  1. Multifunctional knife with a spoon in one – prepare the preparation and eat even these liquid dishes. Additionally, it has a bottle opener.


  1. Multifunctional folding knife (20cm) – equipped with a knife, flat screwdriver, bottle opener, wood saw, centimeter and a place for a pendant.


  1. Lifeline.


  1. Exhaust pipe.


  1. Flint – with its help you can easily start a fire.


  1. Carabiner.


  1. Multi-functional tools card.


  1. Thermal blanket (130 * 210 cm).


  1. Waterproof case.



Product specification:


  • Product size: 19 * 11 * 7cm


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