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Multifunctional dish drainer – black

Multifunctional dish drainer – black

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Multifunctional dish drainer – black

A practical dish drainer is an essential piece of equipment in every kitchen. The multifunctional dryer is the perfect way to organize space in the kitchen. An additional advantage of the dryer is its elegant appearance, which will certainly be found in every kitchen and will look aesthetically pleasing.

The multifunctional dryer is not just for drying dishes, because it has many accessories. The top of the dryer is closed, and on the side there are handles on which you can hang kitchen utensils. In addition, at the very top, you can develop containers. The lower part of the dryer is also equipped with handles, which allows you to save space, and there is also a place for sponges, which do not spoil the aesthetics. The multifunctional dryer has suction cups with which it can be attached to the countertop without damaging it.


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