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Electric Tie Hanger

Electric Tie Hanger


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 Electric Tie Hanger

A rotating hanger that organizes all of a gentleman’s ties.

A practical gadget for a man’s closet

The Electric Tie Hanger is a battery operated gadget that makes accessing your ties convenient at last. With the push of a button, the ties begin to rotate, making it easy for you to select the right one.

The hanger holds 45 ties and 4 belts and all hangs neatly so they don’t get damaged or crumpled.

It will please the gadgeteer, who will gladly present this novelty to all his friends.

It will also hit the taste of a man, who appreciates practical solutions and likes to have order even in his closet.

The electric hanger is an idea for a modern gift for an elegant man.

Closet space

– All ties collected in one place and perfectly organized – no need to search for them throughout the closet,

– They look great, especially if they are colorfully arranged,

– The hanger has built-in LED lights so you can choose the right tie even in the dark,

– It organizes the space in your closet,

– It will also please a wife who does not tolerate clutter in her husband’s things.

Easy assembly without tools

The hanger is mounted on a rod in the closet, without tools and without having to remove the rod.

Modern gift for a man

– the perfect gift for your husband – by giving it you will appreciate his innate elegance, and you yourself will gain more space for things in the common closet,

– a gadget for your son who will be happy with his new toy and will be motivated to put his things in order,

– a dream come true for a man who likes order – a collection of ties can be arranged by colors and admired by spinning them around,

– A practical gift for a dad – a gentleman who likes to be elegant.

Gadget in a nutshell:

– a rack for 45 ties and 4 belts,

– Hooks for hanging the straps included,

– easy operation with three buttons: turn left, turn right, turn on light/stop,

– Built-in LED lighting (goes off automatically after 30 seconds),

– hanger dimensions: 30 x 15 cm,

– ties not included.



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