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Deluxe diVinto aerator

Deluxe diVinto aerator

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 Deluxe diVinto aerator

Aerates wine, giving it a noble taste.

Wine connoisseurs know that for a wine to reach its full flavor, it must first be oxidized. To achieve this effect, it is not enough to leave the bottle open on the table – besides, it would take far too long. When you want a glass of delicious wine here and now, you need an elegant and stylish aerator.

Thanks to it wine will taste great after the first sip. Simply place the device on a stand and pour wine through it. The drink will be filtered and poured into the vessel. This will ensure that the wine is sufficiently oxidized to reach its full flavor.

The set comes with an elegant table stand so that the wine does not spill, an aerator stand, a case to protect it from dust and a wine stopper. Everything is finished with the highest attention to detail and packaged in an elegant box. It is hard to imagine a more elegant gift for wine lovers.

Gadget in a nutshell:

– the set consists of: aerator, stand with base, aerator stand, wine stopper, travel case and elegant box

– thoroughly wash the product before first use

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